Thursday, March 8, 2012

So Divine: Molton Brown Rok Mint Fine Liquid Hand Wash

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Whenever I want a little extra luxury in my life, I head straight for Molton Brown. I love every product in the line, from the body washes to the shampoos ... so is it any wonder that I've fallen truly, madly, deeply in love with Molton Brown Rok Mint Fine Liquid Hand Wash?

I honestly wasn't sure whether this scent would really call to me. Notes of rok-radish, mint, black currant and basil make this soap part of the woody family, and I'm normally not drawn to scents like that. But, much to my surprise and delight, I was hooked the very first time I opened the bottle.

The scent is at once clean, crisp and just a touch on the minty side, which makes it incredibly refreshing. I also love the blue hue, which brings a soothing and calming aura to any room of the home. I actually keep one in the kitchen and one in the bathroom for extra luxury!

Molton Brown Rok Mint Fine Liquid Hand Wash retails for $28 at

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