Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Newest Obsession: Almond

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There's something so deliciously soothing about the scent of almond. It's rich and lush, and the products it's infused with always seem good enough to eat. That's definitely the case for me lately, anyway -- especially with these two by Whish and Laura Mercier.

Whish Almond Shave Crave
I'm normally not a shaving cream type of girl. I just use a lot of water with my razor and hope for the closest shave. But, upon discovering this shaving cream, I've changed my tune. Thanks to moisturizing ingredients like natural squalene, organic shea and raspberry butters, organic green tea, and organic coconut and jojoba seed oils, my skin is soft and smooth both before and after I take a razor to it! Plus, it smells divine.
$20 at

Laura Mercier Almond Coconut Milk Honey Bath
I've long been a fan of Laura Mercier's Honey Bath. I like to use it as body wash, although its main function is as a bubble bath (and, yes, it works quite well for that, too). I love the oversized tub filled to the brim with the sweet-smelling, superbly foaming honey bath, not to mention the included wooden honey dipper. It just feels so luxurious.
$40 at

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