Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Body Wash Week: Carol's Daughter Lavender & Vanilla Body Cleansing Scrub

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Here's the thing. I love body wash. At any given time, I have about 16 in my shower! And this week, I'll be bringing you some of my newfound favorites. Up today: Carol's Daughter Lavender & Vanilla Body Cleansing Scrub.

If I'm being honest, I normally don't like two things -- lavender and body washes with exfoliating properties. So it's kind of a wonder that I immediately gravitated toward this body wash, which not only smells of lavender but is actually a cleansing scrub. But miracles are bound to happen, and discovering this body wash certainly counts as a miracle to me!

The inclusion of vanilla cuts the lavender, making the scent pleasing and sweet rather than heavy and cloying. And rather than feeling too harsh for my sensitive skin, the scrub is soft and nourishing, thanks to Vitamins C and E. Coconut and sugar add to the overall sweetness but don't take it into confectionary land.

In a nutshell? This scrub is certainly worth a try. It may surprise and delight you!

Carol's Daughter Lavender & Vanilla Body Cleansing Scrub retails for $18 at

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