Thursday, September 26, 2013

Knowing Yourself: A Quick Study

You know those photos from your childhood that just really, truly show who you really truly are? That's what the photo above of me, taken when I was around 5 years old, exemplifies.

I've always been into fashion, even before I really understood what "fashion" was. Back when I was playing with my Barbies and accessorizing them to the max, I already was a fashion queen. So is it any wonder that in the photo above I'm wearing an embroidered, mod-inspired minidress with knee socks and saddle shoes? (Side note: I wore those shoes EVERYWHERE. I had a deep, passionate love affair with them.)

I really do believe that the pictures of us from our youth depict what we grow into and what we end up loving as adults. Even if I didn't know who any designers were in the early 80s, my love of fashion and different genres put together was already more than apparent.

And, honestly? I wish I still had that dress.


  1. Cute picture! In mine I was always very girly, loved lacy dresses, etc. and still do! xx

  2. YES! I have a picture of me in the Spelling Bee in 4th Grade: ponytail, long dress and knee socks. And yep, some things never change. haha :)