Monday, November 11, 2013

#ManiMonday: Jin Soon Charade

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You know those colors that just look so chic and fabulous? That's Jin Soon Charade. The smoky teal hue is just so utterly gorgeous and looks amazing on a variety of skin tones, including my pale as Casper one!

I've had this color in my stash for awhile but finally tried it out yesterday. And now, all I can do while looking at my nails (repeatedly) is say "WOW" over and over! It covered perfectly in one coat, though I added a second for general chipping insurance purposes. The polish is glossy, streak-free and actually dries fairly quickly as well.

What's on your nails right now? Let me know in the comments!

Jin Soon Charade retails for $18 at


  1. Pretty color!! I was in a mani rush so I'm wearing Zoya Pixie Dust in Nyx.

  2. That's beautiful! Right now I'm wearing Zoya in Yana.