Thursday, June 12, 2014

Throwback Thursday: My First Denim Jacket

Do you remember the first denim jacket you ever owned? Well, I do ... because it was AMAZING. The year was 1990, and I was 10 years old. My next door neighbor, Lisa, had THE most incredible Levi's denim jacket. I'm not really someone who covets other people's things, but I LOVED this jacket. It was the most ideal shade of blue, perfectly faded and worn in. Lisa was also super cool to me because she was in high school, which automatically made her my idol.

One day, Lisa told me that I COULD HAVE HER JACKET. I couldn't believe my good fortune ... but I also didn't feel right taking it from her. But she took it off, draped it around me and said, "Okay, well, then how about I loan it to you ... forever?" I was stunned.

Believe me when I say that I wore that jacket EVERYWHERE. It was my most prized possession. Check me out above, in 1992, wearing it with (eek) stonewashed jeans, crested bangs and HUGE earrings. (Big earrings were my vice in the early 90's.) If there was even the slightest chance of a chill, I had that jacket on.

But here's the best part. Because I got it from a high schooler, it was pretty darn big in the beginning. (You can see above that the sleeves are rolled at least twice!) This just meant I was able to grow into it and keep it for ... well ... FOREVER, just as Lisa had said I could. Don't believe that I'm still wearing it? Here's a little proof:

Wearing the coveted Levi's denim jacket during a trip to L.A. in 2006. Yes, I had a flip phone and undyed, virgin hair then.

Suffice it to say that I could not imagine my fashion life without this Levi's denim jacket playing a huge part in it. Sadly, I've lost touch with Lisa and haven't been able to find her. But I hope she knows how much this jacket has meant to me over the years. There's no other denim jacket I'd rather have!

Very excitingly, Lisa and I reconnected on Facebook this past year. My brother actually found her and reached out first. I'm so happy that we're back in touch after all these years -- and, of course, she's still the coolest person ever.

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