Tuesday, July 29, 2014

What to Do in Pittsburgh: Volume 1

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Looking out on the city of Pittsburgh during a weekend visit last fall. And no, this was not posed!
As many of you may know, I made the choice to move from NYC to Pittsburgh this past December. Leaving New York was something I'd wanted to do for awhile, but I was waiting until the right next step presented itself. Moving to Pittsburgh has proven to be beyond rewarding, and has certainly enriched my personal life in many ways just in the past 7 months. I decided to start this column, What to Do in Pittsburgh, as a way for you to share in all the wonderful experiences I've had -- and as a guide for you to experience my fair city for yourself! I'll be doing this column at least bi-weekly (if not weekly) and will include places to eat, things to do, sights to see ... everything you could possibly want to learn about such a fascinating city.

Pittsburgh, What to Do in Pittsburgh, things to do in Pittsburgh, travel, travel guide, Eleven, Eleven restaurant, Big Burrito Group
The interior of Eleven's Tavern (AKA the bar).
One thing to note about Pittsburgh? The culinary scene is EXCELLENT. Honestly, I've maybe found more good restaurants here than I did in my 12 years in New York -- and that's really saying something. And at the top of my list is DEFINITELY Eleven. Eleven is one of the restaurants in the Big Burrito group, and dining at any of them pretty much means you can't go wrong. I've been visiting this spot, located in the heart of the Strip District, regularly since I started traveling to Pittsburgh for work almost four years ago, and it continues to deliver outstanding results each and every time. The service is top notch, the food is divine and the ambiance is to die for. The menu changes regularly, based on what's in season (including the delicious cocktails), so you can always experience something new. (But you should definitely order the hot pretzels from the tavern menu and indulge in ANY of the luscious desserts).
To learn more about Eleven and make a reservation, visit elevenck.com.

Pittsburgh, What to Do in Pittsburgh, things to do in Pittsburgh, travel, travel guide, PNC Park, baseball, baseball game, Pittsburgh Pirates
PNC Park! Taken during my first ever Pirates game earlier this year.
I'm originally from Cleveland, so I REALLY find it hard to root for the Steelers. (Sorry, Pittsburgh.) But since the Indians and the Pirates are in different leagues, I think it's okay to like them ... right? Going to a baseball game should be a staple of everyone's summer plans, and a trip to PNC Park is a must. Now, I'm not going to lie -- I actually don't know who any of the players on the Pirates ARE yet. But give me a break, I just moved here! The stadium is not to be missed, though, especially on a hot summer day. And, come on -- who doesn't like to drink beer and eat hot dogs?
To find tickets to an upcoming Pirates game, visit pittsburgh.pirates.mlb.com.

Pittsburgh, What to Do in Pittsburgh, things to do in Pittsburgh, travel, travel guide, The Andy Warhol Museum, Andy Warhol's Diamond Dust Shoes 1980, art, art museum, artwork
Andy Warhol's Diamond Dust Shoes, 1980.
This is something everyone in Pittsburgh will recommend, and for good reason -- it's AWESOME. I've already gone twice and can't wait to go back. Andy Warhol created so many masterpieces in his lifetime that it's impossible for the museum to display them all at once, so the exhibits constantly rotate. There's something for everyone here, from the extensive film and video collection (including every episode of Fashion, Andy Warhol's T.V. and Fifteen Minutes) to his Time Capsules (which include items from Stephen Sprouse, Rob Lowe and more) to his famous portraits of Marilyn Monroe, Elvis and Jackie Kennedy to the iconic Campbell's Soup can. Some of my favorites are the collection of Diamond Dust Shoes, which I actually didn't even know existed before my first visit (and am now obsessed with). You can spend all day wandering the floors and still feel like you haven't gotten enough.
For more information about the museum, visit warhol.org.

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