Wednesday, April 15, 2015

What to Do in Pittsburgh: Volume 4

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Welcome to another week of What to Do in Pittsburgh! (If you missed my previous columns, be sure to check them out here.) I decided to start this column as a way for you to share in all the wonderful experiences I've had -- and as a guide for you to experience my fair city for yourself! I'll be doing this column at least bi-weekly (if not weekly) and will include places to eat, things to do, sights to see ... everything you could possibly want to learn about such a fascinating city.

Pittsburgh, What to do in Pittsburgh, travel, travel guide, Miss T's Beauty Lounge, salon, spa, waxing
So I'm not going to say going here is necessarily fun or relaxing, since you're getting waxed. But if you're looking for the BEST wax in Pittsburgh? Miss T's is IT. Tu's technique is quick, relatively painless (even when you're getting a Brazilian) and you won't be left with any ingrown hairs. Even better, she's the nicest person EVER and keeps you happy and entertained no matter how many hairs she's simultaneously yanking out. But be forewarned -- Tu is super popular, so you usually have to book at least a month out. Luckily, she's amazing at getting back to you quickly and helping you get scheduled -- and, once you're a regular client, she'll schedule your next appointment while you're still at the salon.
For more information about Miss T's Beauty Lounge, visit

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Most of the world probably knew how amazing Ulta was already ... but, since I lived in NYC for so long, I'm incredibly late to the game. With everything from Maybelline and Benefit to Philosophy and Redken on the shelves, Ulta has most definitely become my beauty mecca of late. I find myself driving to the Waterfront just so I can wander the aisles in bliss. The rewards card is also actually rewarding, since 100 points translates to $5 off and there's almost always a $3 off coupon in the app. And, as a total bonus? The blowouts at their salon are well priced, long lasting and COMPLETELY FABULOUS. (I highly recommend Jill at the Homestead location.)
For more information about Ulta, visit

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The chocolate maki at Soba is kind of the best thing ever.
Wok roasted shisito peppers. Shiitake dumplings. Double tuna roll. Pad Thai. Delicious cocktails. And let's not forget the chocolate maki (seen above). Whether you opt for a spot in the lounge or make a reservation for a table upstairs, this Pan-Asian restaurant is sure to delight. No matter how many times I visit, I seriously can't get enough. And, in case you hate parallel parking as much as I do (especially on a crowded street like Ellsworth in Shadyside), Soba has valet. Done and done.
For more information about Soba, visit


  1. Miss T's Beauty Lounge makes me want pierogies LMAO You need to come visit me when I'm at Ulta!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous photos! <3 Definitely must eat at Soba - mental note taken! :)

  3. What an awesome post! The chocolate maki looks AMAZING!

  4. I used to come to Pittsburgh once or twice a year on business. It is a beautiful city. I wish I had known about Soba. Those chocolate maki look incredible!

  5. I can only admire the chocolate maki soba, poor me can't eat chocs anymore----migraine attack

  6. Oh... oh... that chocolate maki soba... I must have. I have always wanted to check out Pittsburg... definitely on my list. :)

  7. I've never been to Pittsburgh - but your photos are gorgeous. Not at all what I thought the skyline would look like :)

  8. This makes me want to visit Pittsburgh- the chocolate maki looks amazing!