Thursday, May 14, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Swimming Into 1980s Style

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Minnie Mouse bathing suit? Check. White ankle socks? Check. Patent leather ballet flats? Check. Wearing all three at once? Check.

While I was visiting my mom in Cleveland this past weekend, I discovered this photo in a compilation album she'd put together of the 1980s and 1990s. I can't really say why my 5-year-old self decided it was a good idea to pair a swimsuit with socks and shoes, let alone why it was this specific combination. But I assume it's because I thought it was extremely chic and glamorous to do so.

That swimsuit was my absolute favorite in 1985. I wasn't even really the biggest Minnie Mouse fan, but I just absolutely adored this suit and wanted to wear it all the time. I actually even wore it as a top with jeans or leggings from time to time.

Those shoes, though? They were my piece de resistance. Not only were they patent leather, but they had a modular strap so I could wear them as Mary Janes or ballet flats. Having the ability to put the strap behind my heel made me feel SO grown up.

Kudos to my mom for letting me be an individual and make my own fashion decisions, however crazy they might have been. (Really, you ain't seen nothin' yet.)

And let's just give a quick shoutout to my thick bangs, shall we?


  1. Little Miss Fabulous! :D I love the bathing suit.

  2. You are a little fashion plate. Didn't Minnie wear white socks and black shoes all the time? Or did she wear heels, hmm?

  3. I was so hoping that you were doing a Throwback Thursday post! You were such a cutie rocking your Minnie Mouse bathing suit, white ankle socks and patent leather ballet flats!

  4. I love your throwbacks! Didn't we all have a minnie mouse bathing suit in the 80's?!

  5. Yes girl... rock that 80s style. :) Such a cute little bathing suit - love it.

  6. So adorable, I also love seeing old photos, brings back memories :)

  7. That bathing suit is adorable! You look so precious <3

  8. So cute! It's funny how you can always remember your favourite clothes from growing up.

  9. Love this! Thanks for sharing, brings back fun summer memories!



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