Thursday, January 28, 2016

Throwback Thursday: Printing Around in the 80's

Between the ages of 5 and 10, I loved wearing dresses. I actually wanted to wear one almost every day. And, while I still like getting dressed up from time to time now that I'm (ugh) an adult, I certainly prefer the comfort of leggings and tees to dresses and tights. Not so, though, in February 1988 -- and this printed dress was one of my favorites.

For starters, I loved the bold, colorful geometric print. I just thought it was so fun and attention grabbing -- and, since this was in the throes of my community theater days, I didn't mind a little extra attention from time to time. I also loved the flared skirt -- it just felt so girly and feminine and I loved twirling around in it.

But what really makes this outfit a Jamie special is the addition of the shimmery white tights, black patent leather flats and jewelry. If you look closely, you'll see that the bracelet I'm wearing is made of multicolored heart beads -- I'm pretty sure I strung that myself. My necklace was a faux pearl one that I LOVED. Every time I wore it, I just felt so sophisticated and grown up. The flats were the kind that had adjustable straps, so you could either wear them as Mary Janes or -- the way I preferred because, again, I felt more grown up this way -- as basic ballet flats.

This really is a quintessential look for me in the 80's, down to the parted bangs. The only thing that's a little off is that I'm smiling with my mouth closed, which I've basically never done! But I guess there's a first and last time for everything.

Did you have a signature look when you were growing up? Tell me about it in the comments!


  1. Cute print on your dress too! No, I don't think I had a signature look as a kid, just waist length hair, Alice In Wonderland-ish, I guess

  2. love that print! you were so cute as a kid! I totally get wanting to wear leggings now though. Sheesh. I used to put so much effort into my style and how it's basics all day every day haha. Maybe it's proof we need more sleep? ♥

    1. Ha, I think you're on to something there! BTW so excited that I discovered your blog! :)

  3. Ah the 80's.... Gotta love it. I think I had that bracelet!

  4. I loved to wear bright prints blouses when I was around 10 years old. I had so many. Now I never wear a print.

  5. Too cute! I remember having a purple jumpsuit that had multicoloured buttons down the front and felt very dressed up in it.

  6. I loved so many outfits! Some of my favs were: One I wore in an I Magnins fashion show that was pretty Little House on the Prairie, a swimsuit that had super high cut legs that was Awesome, neon anything, paint splattered Converse hightops, Swatchwatch guards were also amazing...a side pony with every outfit of course!

  7. Lucky you have all these photos/memories of your childhood. Wish I was more careful in safekeeping 'em

  8. You were absolutely the cutest kid, ever! I love the Jamie Special shimmery white tights!