Thursday, January 21, 2016

Throwback Thursday: Smiling That Big, Toothless Grin

Jamie Allison Sanders, 1980s, losing teeth, lost teeth, Tooth Fairy, smiling, huge smile, toothless grin
I don't know about you, but I thought the Tooth Fairy was MAGICAL when I was a kid. I REALLY AND TRULY BELIEVED IN HER. (If you still do, maybe you should stop reading this post right now.)

My mom made the Tooth Fairy into one of my very favorite childhood experiences. She was brilliant. Every time I lost a tooth and put it under my pillow, I'd wake up to a note from the Tooth Fairy -- written in slightly shaky handwriting on paper shaped like a tooth -- with the requisite dollar reward. Because I knew my mom's handwriting inside and out, she wrote all the notes in her left hand to throw me off the track. THIS. WAS. GENIUS. She made the Tooth Fairy truly special for me, and helped me to believe in something that continued to bring me joy.

The photo above was taken after I'd lost what looks like 3 teeth in a very short amount of time. I believe I'm around 8 years old here. I absolutely loved wriggling those little baby teeth and would actually stand in front of the bathroom mirror for hours doing so. And when they finally came out? Well, I'd smile as big as you see here.

This really is quintessential 1980s Jamie -- slightly messy hair (the kind of undone beachy waves adult Jamie would kill for, honestly), a printed tee with a bow on it, and a huge grin. I don't think there's a more perfect representation of my personality to be found anywhere!

Do you have a quintessential moment from your childhood that was captured in a photo? Tell me about it in the comments!


  1. Darn, you are so adorable. Somewhere I have a picture of myself with a black eye from falling off a bike.

  2. So insanely cute! The tooth fairy was a big deal for me too. I lost a tooth once while visiting my uncle and it got lost, so we left a shark tooth in it's place. I was concerned he'd have to give up a tooth from his collection, but I'm pretty sure he got it back.

  3. Seriously, could you have been a cuter kid?! I think not! <3

  4. Weren't you the cutest little thing?