Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Beautifying the Broken Ankle: A Little #TuesdayShoesday Action

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So here's the thing. I have a bit of a shoe problem (obsession?). The floor of my closet is lined with gorgeous pair of heels after gorgeous pair of heels. I've cultivated my collection rather perfectly, with everything from Manolo Blahnik and Christian Louboutin to DKNY and Dolce & Gabbana. But now I find myself in a bit of a conundrum, since my broken ankle is going to prevent me from wearing said gorgeous heels for the foreseeable future. Enter my solution: BUYING EVERY PAIR OF CUTE FLATS IN SIGHT.

Basically, I figure that just because I'm stuck with a foot that won't let me wear heels for awhile doesn't mean I can't still wear cute shoes. So I've been buying up the selection on multiple websites and in multiple stores for the past few weeks -- and, as you can see from the photo above, I think I've done quite well for myself! This is everything I've bought thus far.

Minnetonka Sheepskin Softsole Slippers
Who says comfort can't still be cute, right? I'm already deeply obsessed with Minnetonka moccasins and decided that while I'm stuck in (slowly warming up but still cold) Cleveland, I might as well add a pair of sheepskin-lined slippers to my ever-growing shoe collection. I found these for $45 at DSW last week and knee scooted to the register quicker than you can say "Minnetonka moccasins."

London Rebel Dot Espadrilles in Black and Red
Why only buy one pair of adorable polka dot espadrilles when you can buy two? One of the worst parts about this whole broken ankle situation is that my foot and ankle are definitely both a bit larger (read: swollen like crazy) right now, so getting some of my regular shoes on will prove to be a challenge. These are just roomy enough to be comfortable but still completely chic!
$16.18 each at asos.com

House of Harlow Izzy Flat Sandals
I clicked "add to cart" so fast when I came across these, you'd think there was a fire. I've never bought anything by House of Harlow before, but I've coveted the brand for quite some time. I love the shiny orange leather, I love the silhouette, and I especially love how comfortable they are. I feel like I could walk a mile in these (although at the moment I can't even walk one step, but you get the drift). I found them on Gilt Groupe, and although they're sold out there, you can still scour the interwebs and find them in various colors and sizes.

Madewell Boardwalk Slide Sandals
This was actually my first shoe purchase post broken ankle. I was looking for shoes I could literally slide into, so slide sandals seemed perfect! And, well, these are. They're black, they're flat, they have a wide strap across the vamp ... basically, they're the shoes I'll be wearing all spring and summer long.
$59.50 at shopbop.com

L'Agence Flat Ankle Strap Sandals
I'm going to a wedding in Pittsburgh in a few weeks and was in desperate need of gorgeous flats to accompany my Alice & Olivia sequined dress. The shoes I would WANT to wear are, of course, 5-inch strappy wedges (also by Alice & Olivia), but those are out of the question right now. I was determined to find a pair of shoes that would be equally fabulous while unfortunately being flat -- and then I discovered these babies on Gilt Groupe. From the suede vamp and open toe to the gleaming silver strap, they're absolutely perfect. If I have to settle for flats at a wedding, these are definitely the way to go.
$95 (down from $325!) at gilt.com

London Rebel Cross Strap Slide Flat Sandals
I'm seriously going to sound like a broken record, but I need to be all about comfort these days. And these may be very Golden Girls, but you know what? I don't care. I'm kind of ready for my gold pantsuit at this point since I'm already using a walker. I love the wide crisscross straps and think that as far as comfortable shoes go, these are a total win.
$29.12 at asos.com


  1. I LOVE your picks! Especially the House of Harlow!

  2. I only wear flats so I really appreciate your new collection. The black and silver are adorable.

  3. I am such a shoe lover, my closet is seriously over flowing with heels, wedges, flats...and I usually just wear flip flops lol

  4. I love espadrilles. They remind me of my youth style back in the day

  5. Those L'Agence Flat Ankle Strap Sandals looks super pretty!

  6. I love espadrilles, and those polka dot pairs are so adorbs!

  7. Your picks are absolutely fantastic, Jamie!

  8. All the cuteness! I love the pairs with the metallic finishes.

  9. The London Rebel Dots in red are super cute!