Thursday, December 15, 2022

I Just Found the Absolute Best Way to Pack Every Travel-Sized Product (Hint: It's These Refillable Magnetic Containers from Cadence)

A review of the Cadence Capsule system for travel-sized beauty products.
Easy. Leak-proof. Perfect for travel. Oh, and they fit in TSA-approved, quart-sized bags that you can bring on your next flight. I'm talking about Cadence refillable containers, of course! I’d been so curious about this brand for the longest time. I finally got a 6-pack capsule system, filled them up for a few recent trips, and instantly fell in love!

A review of the Cadence Capsule system for travel-sized beauty products.

In my ongoing efforts to become more sustainable, I first grew interested in Cadence because of the reusable nature of the capsules. You don't just use it once and throw it away — you fill it up time and again, so you're reducing waste over time. I really hadn't thought much about single-use plastics before the last couple of years, but I have made much more of an effort recently to discontinue my use of them — or at least find new ways to reuse them. Cadence takes it to the next level by creating these multi-use containers out of recycled ocean-bound plastic! And they take this commitment to sustainability even further by sending your capsules in 100% recyclable cardboard with seed paper that can even be planted and turned into wildflowers. Is that cool or what?!

The Cadence Capsule System comes in packs of 6 ($84) or 12 ($168). You choose the colors, tiles and labels (either words or cute icons) of each container, and you can mix and match! I selected three each of Lavender and Charcoal, and decided to use them for my beauty and skincare routine.

I decided to focus on the gels, lotions and potions I'd need to decant for my travel beauty routine. The six products I decided to get capsules for are:

Body Wash
Face Serum
Face Moisturizer

Curious about how I decanted my shampoo, conditioner and body wash into my Cadence capsules? Watch my Instagram reel here!

A review of the Cadence Capsule system for travel-sized beauty products.
While I was pretty set on my color choices — honestly, they just spoke to me! — it was definitely difficult for me to choose the labels for each of my capsules. I varied between words and icons, but ultimately chose words because, well, I'm a writer and I like words. (Very scientific reason, I know.) However, the icons are so cute that now I want another set with different colors and only icons! Such is the magic of Cadence.

One thing to consider is that you can use these capsules for more than just products. They're perfect for carting travel-sized needs of pills and medicines, too. I've actually been using one of my Charcoal capsules for my aspirin when I'm doing long days at Disneyland and need to alleviate the pressure in my ankle. The single capsule is perfectly sized for even the smallest purse, and holds at least a few doses of medication depending on the size.

A review of the Cadence Capsule system for travel-sized beauty products.
Another fun fact: The capsules are magnetic! They stick to each other in fun arrays. Honestly, one of the most fun parts of owning these capsules is arranging them in different ways! The tops also stay on really well, so no leakage during traveling. (And they’re all quart size bag approved!)

These containers are so functional and easy to use, and they make packing fun instead of a chore. I’m obviously already looking to buy my next set!

Cadence capsules are available individually for $14, in a Build Your 6 Set for $76 (normally $84), or in a Build Your 12 Set for $143 (normally $168). Pick up your favorites at

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