Thursday, February 8, 2007

Direct from the Runway: Betsey Johnson

Bombshell. Drop-dead gorgeous. Knockout. All ways to describe the gorgeous hairdos present at the Betsey Johnson fashion show this week in NYC. Always known for pushing the envelope just a bit past the point of no return, this show was no different.

Johnson's kooky, zany but still-somehow-too-cute-for-words looks paired amazingly well with long, flowing, volume-to-the-max tresses. And lucky for you, this hairdo looks good no matter what you're wearing! Mousy, caught in the corner no more -- start with a center part that paves the way to wavy, bedhead-like locks with just the right amount of shine and wave. And say hello to sexpot, glamour kitten-esque Brigitte Bardot!

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