Thursday, February 15, 2007

Direct from the Runway: Vivienne Tam

As Samantha was famous for saying on Sex and the City: "No. No, no, no, no, NO." I apologize, but I just cannot condone the twisting sausage roll adorning the top of the models' heads at the Fall 2007 Vivienne Tam fashion show. What on earth inspired her to send them down the runway looking like this? Yes, fashion is art, and this beauty chick can appreciate that. But fashion and beauty are supposed to be beautiful. Hello, the word "beauty" is built into the word "beautiful!"

I'm not sure which is worse -- the ghostly look of death on each of the models' faces, the very tightly pulled back hair that made them look like they were in pain, or those god-awful contrasting twisted hairpieces. Ms. Tam, this beauty chick is sorry, but she just cannot come up with a single good thing to say about the beauty looks shown here. The clothing was fabulous, though -- as always.

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