Thursday, February 22, 2007

A Rose is a Rose: Gianna Rose Atelier Soaps

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Let's face it -- guest soaps aren't always the most exciting thing on the market. But I've recently discovered such an innovatively fun and interesting soap company. Gianna Rose Atelier manufactures soaps that are anything but ordinary, each guaranteed to spice up your bathroom immensely.

Try the vanilla-and-sugar-infused Creme Brulee ($31.50 for rose-carved spheres that come with their own dish). Or maybe you'd like the absolutely adorable Fruit Soaps -- each in the shape of the fruit they smell like, of course -- available for $10.50 each in Lemon, Lime, Apple or Pear.

But my absolute favorite is the Pet Lovers collection. Here you'll find tiny soaps sculpted into the cutest animal shapes! This beauty chick digs Le Chat Sophistique ($20) -- a tulip-and-hyacinth-scented, cat-shaped soap, complete with a pink bow tied around its neck and presented in a quilted pink gift box. C'est magnifique, non? Also available in this collection are the floral-and-melon-scented Westie Dog, La Chihuahua (sure to please even Paris Hilton with its heady floral scent and tiny pink throne), and seven other cuties, each for $20. And for the ever-sophisticated touch to any guest bath, you absolutely must try the Soap Petals ($19.50) -- each petal is actually an individual hand soap with either a gardenia or rose scent.

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