Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Split Personality: Dianne Brill Are You Ice Or Are You Flame?

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Who doesn't like candy? I do, that's for sure. And what's even better than consuming calories from all the tasty treats out there? Beauty products that look just like candy, of course! Dianne Brill Are you ice ... or are you flame? begs the question so many self-respecting beauty chicks have asked themselves countless times.

Open up the pink box to find two of Brill's slick, gorgeous glosses inside, each wrapped in her signature ruffled bon-bon paper for that little extra something special. And since these glosses contain vitamins, antioxidants, humectants and a plumping treatment, your lips will seriously thank you! Both are super-creamy, super-glossy and super-luxurious.

So are you ice (the sparkling, pale pink, gold-flecked Feather Boa) ... or are you flame (the devilishly divine, shimmering, deep cranberry Satin Corset)? Why not find out?

Note: Unfortunately, this set is no longer available.

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