Thursday, March 1, 2007

Coco for Coconut: Bath & Body Works Creamy Coconut Shower Gel

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Back in her college days, this beauty chick worked at Bath & Body Works. Talk about a great job! All the prettiest smelling products at a fraction of the (already unbeatable) prices. And there's something about the simple-yet-still-indulgent packaging, isn't there? The clear plastic bottles that let you see exactly what's inside, making you so absolutely excited to get the products home. I definitely yearn for the days when I could walk out of the store with my arms full of shower gels, lotions, body splashes ... you name it, I purchased it. (Maybe that was why I never had money left after payday.) So imagine how sad I was to stop working there and head back to school.

Luckily, the prices haven't skyrocketed over the years, so I can still afford everything I crave! And my newest obsession is the Creamy Coconut Shower Gel, brought to each and every one of us by the Bath & Body Works Classics line. One whiff and I'm instantly transported to the Caribbean, St. Tropez, St. Barth's ... anywhere that's warm and breezy. This fragrant beauty is so intoxicating, I find myself looking forward to lathering up every morning! Before I know it, I'll be back working in the stores so I can cart this out by the hundreds.

Note: Unfortunately this shower gel is no longer available.

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