Friday, March 2, 2007

Direct from the Runway: Christian Dior

There's no denying the importance of eyebrows in this or any other beauty chick's world. There's the constant upkeep, the painstaking shaping, the levels of pain we'll inflict upon ourselves to make sure our arches are nothing short of perfect. But ... that being said, there's a part of this beauty chick that thinks eyebrows should be seen and not heard. Apparently Christian Dior does not share my opinion!

At his latest fashion show, models strutted their stuff down the runway with brows so dark, it was nearly impossible to look at the absolutely beautiful garments they were wearing.

The brows made me think of a severe governess -- complete with scary accent -- who was just dying to make me sit down and do my homework. Now, granted, these crazy arches were not real -- they were large pieces of black tape stuck to the models' forehe
ads. But from afar, they were so scary it made me want to run for the hills! (Which is why, for the first time, this beauty chick has included two pictures in a post -- so you can see the difference from up-close and far away.)

The rest of the look was nice enough -- eyes with subtle rust shadow, no eyeliner and just a touch of mas
cara; glossy nude lips; voluminous, wavy tresses. It's just those brows! They were just too frightening for me!

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