Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Eyes Have It! DuWop Rose Eyes Palette

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I am seriously in love with makeup palettes. I just can't get enough of them. I don't know whether it's the abundance of shades to choose from ... the fact that they're all laid out so nicely for you in such pretty packaging ... or the utter ease it takes to just pop one open and see so much beauty staring back at you ... but whatever it is, I love them dearly. And one of my favorites is most definitely the DuWop Rose Eyes Palette, which contains six shades that will intensify, beautify and just generally chicify your entire look.

Inside this wondrous invention are a base color in shimmery golden rose, a sparkly pale pink for lightening purposes, a deep brownish-mauve to deepen your look, a dark brown cream liner, and -- my personal fave -- a glittering gold shadow for that finishing metallic touch. And each hue is complementary to so many skin tones, it's a wonder it isn't consistently sold out!

The DuWop Rose Eyes Palette retails for $32 at

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