Sunday, November 18, 2007

Choco-Rific: Philip B. Chocolate Milk Body Wash

It's creamy, it's heavenly and it smells like chocolate. Willy Wonka would certainly be clambering to get a hold of Philip B.'s latest creation -- Chocolate Milk Body Wash!

Snap open the cap, and within one whiff you're wishing you could just drink the whole bottle. (But don't, because unfortunately it would not do a body good.) But if you can't drink it, at least your whole body can take on the intoxicating aroma. This tasty treat takes me back to my childhood, when I would sit at my grandparents' kitchen table with a tall glass of milk so chocolatey it was almost black, smacking my lips with every delicious sip. But if possible, Philip B.'s concoction is even better! Because with infusions of cocoa butter, oat protein, aloe and wheat amino acids, it moisturizes, it cleans, it soothes and it satisfies.

You'll be chocolated out in no time. So drink up -- or at least let your skin do the drinking.

Philip B. Chocolate Milk Body Wash retails for $35 at

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