Friday, November 30, 2007

Holiday Gifts: Sephora Girls Secret Box

At heart, this beauty chick will always be a twelve-year-old girl longing for the palettes and beauty cases at the drugstore around Christmas. That's why I am absolutely in love with the Sephora Girls line -- it's fun, it's cute and it's designed for girls just starting to wear and appreciate makeup. And this holiday season, I will definitely be asking for the Sephora Girls Secret Box, a two-tiered keepsake box which is positively loaded with absolutely adorable beauty goodies.

The top tier opens to reveal a built-in mirror shaped like a heart, a sparkly mini nail polish, two lollipop lipglosses, multipurpose makeup base and a ponytail holder. As if that weren't enough, the bottom tier contains a comb and brush set on a glittery pink keychain!

And the best news of all? It's only $24 on! The twelve-year-old inside of me is positively bursting with glee.

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