Friday, November 9, 2007

Split Personality: Too Faced Good Girl/Bad Girl Makeup Palette

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Sometimes we're good. Sometimes we're bad. And usually we're forced to wear the same makeup no matter which side of our personality we're exhibiting on any particular day. Until Too Faced came along and invented the Good Girl/Bad Girl Palette, that is.

Falling right in line with this beauty chick's aforementioned love of makeup palettes, this whimsical wonder offers up a host of options guaranteed to bring out the best -- or worst -- in you. Feeling coy and sweet? Better stick with the pink "Good Girl" side, emblazoned with a Marilyn Monroe-esque image and opening to reveal sparkling shades of taupe, beige and peach. Would you rather be naughty than nice? Time for the black "Bad Girl" side, printed with a Rita Hayworth-like image and containing glittering berries and grays.

Each side contains three lipglosses and three eyeshadows, while below lie two brushes -- all accessible by handle grosgrain ribbon pull-tabs. My, Too Faced certainly thinks of everything, don't they? If only they could predict which personality of yours will come out each day.

Unfortunately, this product is no longer available.

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