Friday, November 9, 2007

Tartly Tempting: Pacifica Seabrook Cranberry Candle

Thanksgiving is fast approaching ... which means turkey, stuffing, and this beauty chick's favorite, cranberry sauce! And candle company Pacifica Candles must have known this when they created what I believe to be their most intoxicatingly wonderful candle yet, Seabrook Cranberry.

My love affair with this beauty started as soon as I saw the box, covered in succulent cranberries just waiting to be plucked off the vine. The first whiff I drew in upon opening the box was instant magic -- the candle smelled so real, I half-expected my mother's cranberry sauce to magically appear before me! Even better, all Pacifica candles are hand-poured -- this one from vegetable-based soy wax -- and they last for such a long time!

It's almost a shame to burn the candle now, while there are still almost two weeks until Thanksgiving. But hey, I just can't help myself!

This product is no longer available, but you can find many other amazing scents at

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