Monday, December 3, 2007

Blessed By The Hair Gods: T3 Medium Duality

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Straight. Shiny. Sleek. Glossy. Glistening. All the things my hair is not, unless I find the right products and styling aids to do the job. And luckily, even though I was not blessed by the hair gods with the shiniest hair around, no one needs ever know that with the recent introduction of T3 products into my daily hair regimen.

T3's hair dryers and flat irons from the Bespoke Labs line are manufactured with the brand's patented Tourmaline process, ensuring that everyone's hair can look as good as the lucky girls from the Pantene commercials.

So how can you ensure gorgeous, poker-straight tresses? The T3 Medium Duality ($160). Slender, bevel-edged plates really get each and every strand sleek and shining, even when you've done a hasty blowdry! After having tested this product on air-dried hair, a bad blowout (read: five minutes!) and a good one (around twenty-five looooong minutes), I can safely and honestly say the result is the same every time. Plus the iron heats up in about 15 seconds, even at the highest heat, so you won't be stuck waiting for minutes on end for the lights to blink!

Trust me -- this is one product I won't be seen without ever again!

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