Saturday, December 15, 2007

Gettin' a Little Bling Bling: Fusion Beauty LipFusion BlingFusion Lipgloss

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All right, fellow beauty chicks. I have discovered the secret to happiness ... or at least the secret to fuller, plumped-up lips without collagen injections. And the answer is: Fusion Beauty's LipFusion -- or more appropriately, the blingiest beauty product around, the BlingFusion lipgloss in Velvet.

Lips will be softer, juicier and seriously plumper, all without the scary tingling and burning sensation that accompany so many other lip plumping products on the market. While active collagen is an ingredient in this gloss, there is no menthol, caffeine or cinnamon that will irritate your lips and skin -- and you won't end up looking like Goldie Hawn in The First Wives Club.

The shade is of palest pink, almost nude, with serious sparkle that makes your lips look oh-so-glamorous throughout the holiday season. But the best part of all is the rhinestone-encrusted top, which is so bling-tastic it's good enough for 50 Cent -- if he were into glittery lip plumpers, that is.

Fusion Beauty LipFusion retails for $50 at

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