Sunday, January 27, 2008

Bird's Eye View: Gianna Rose Atelier Egg Soaps

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Always on the lookout for interesting-looking soaps to spice up my bathroom (I have the unfortunate dilemma of white walls, white shower, white tiled floor ... white everything!), I was totally psyched to come across this new gem from Gianna Rose Atelier.

Already a huge fan of the line's adorable soaps, in shapes from dogs and cats to the Queen's tarts from Alice in Wonderland, these egg-shaped beauties caught my eye immediately! I'm so in love with the old-fashioned apothecary jar that they are presented in -- it's so old-world, so antique-y, so just absolutely amazing.

Held within the glass jar are six soaps -- your choice of blue and yellow or pink and green (this beauty chick went for the former) -- each in the shape of a delicate speckled bird's egg! The eggs are beautifully arranged and nestled atop a bed of straw-like paper that actually, truly resembles a bird's nest. And they smell so freshly delicious and clean, it will be a wonder if I can hold myself back from using them all up within a few weeks' time.

Best of all, each jar is only $25 on Gianna Rose Atelier's website. I'm finding it hard not to buy up the entire stock!

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  1. On the lookout for soap? Well you must be missing my soap blog: go find yourself some goodies... :)