Saturday, January 26, 2008

Straight From Henri Bendel: Isabela Capeto

While walking around all of the tables laden down with products at the Henri Bendel Beauty Breakfast this week, one in particular caught my eye. From across the room, I noticed a red plastic doll in the shape of the most adorable curly-haired girl. As I came closer, I realized this wasn't just any doll -- it actually contained the signature fragrance of Brazilian designer Isabela Capeto!

I simply had to get a closer look at this, her first fragrance, which contains an intriguing mixture of notes that may at first seem strange but actually work quite well together. Black pepper and cardamom are not usually scents I would expect to find outside the kitchen, but they've been laced into Capeto's perfume to give it a spicy, almost other-worldly air. Far from being overpowering, however, they are offset by lily, osmanthus, vetiver, cedar, sandalwood and even a hint of plum to create a bouquet that is at once inspiring and sexy.

But if you really just can't stand to wear this on your skin, never fear -- the scent also comes in candle form! And what adorable candles they are, packaged in a box of three with each bright red pillar held in its own white ceramic cup. You simply must head to Henri Bendel immediately -- if for no other reason than it's the exclusive carrier of the Isabela Capeto fragrance! And frankly, that's more than enough reason for me.

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