Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Exciting Beauty Launch: ck Calvin Klein

This beauty chick has been waiting with bated breath for months for the launch of ck Calvin Klein Beauty. This collection has been the talk of the town for a long time now ... and I've been checking and checking and checking to see when it would finally launch! And I'm happy to report that it finally has. The entire collection is designed to reflect the Calvin Klein aesthetic of signature elements enhanced by accessories and trends, infused with modern concepts of color and texture, and finished with new reinterpretations of classic fabrics like cashmere. The packaging is minimalist and simple -- white boxes with black lettering. Encompassing products for face, eyes, lips and nails, it truly is one for the books. You can see some of the fantastic products I tried in the first picture -- below, some of the true highlights.

Infinite Matte Oil Free Foundation in Natural ($32): I have never tried a foundation that covered my skin so flawlessly. All of my clogged pores were invisible, my meddlesome zits were undetectable, and my skin was no longer blotchy but clear and bright. Amazing!

Ultimate Edge Gel Eyeliner in African Violet ($16): The color within the tiny pot is gorgeously smoky, with that hint of purple that really makes eyes pop. It lasts for hours -- even the patch test I did on my arm was a bit troublesome to remove! And I love the double-ended brush -- one end reveals a wide-ended brush while the other is pointed -- so you can really apply the color well.

Delicious Pout Flavored Lip Gloss in Pastel Gold ($13): When they say delicious, they delicious! A subtle hint of fruitiness melds with the rich taste of buttercreamy cake to make it quite hard not to keep licking your lips! And the gloss itself is simply to die for. Formulated with Vitamins E and C, it's an ultra-flattering peachy coral shade that's dusted with flecks of shimmer. There's seriously a lot to love about this gloss that really packs a punch.

The entire collection is available on Sephora's website. If I were you, I'd head there quickly -- these products are bound to sell out in no time!

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