Thursday, February 7, 2008

Amazing Makeup at Monique Lhuillier

While I unfortunately did not get to attend the Monique Lhuillier show, I did have the chance to check out the makeup looks on MAC's First Look. I think it is simply divine! Check out the closeup of the eye makeup:
I think this is just stunning. Makeup artist Val Garland applied M.A.C Smolder Eye Pencil to the bottom lash line and the inside water line of the eye. She then used Indigo Eye Pencil as a base on the inner and outer corners, which she blended from lash line to brow. Blue Pigment was then layered on top with brushes 239 and 224. In the center of the lid is M.A.C Plumed Violet Creme Colour Base (applied witih Brush 272), and then Violet Pigment was layered over it with the 239 Brush. But that's not all! Intensifying the color is Reflects Blue Pigment, applied to the inner and outer lid corners; then Night Moth Eye Pencil along the bottom lash line and blended with the 239 Brush. Finishing the look is Beauty Marked Eye Shadow, pressed into Night Moth with the 239 Brush. The end effect? Gorgeous.


  1. I love eyeshadow too! I am so glad to see this because my favorite way to do a smoky eye is with greens, purples and blues.

  2. That's my favorite smoky eye look too! I love playing with all three.

  3. That is a beautiful look.