Sunday, February 3, 2008

Direct from the Runway: Lacoste

Can you imagine my surprise and excitement when my first show this fashion week happened to be Lacoste? I was dying to get into that show last time but they were so overbooked it was impossible. And while I was given standing room this time, I knew I could probably get into a seat at the last minute -- which I happened to do! So there I was, waiting with bated breath to see what would come down the runway. I have to say I was not disappointed!

Three distinct groups appeared, the first of which was my favorite -- fantastic separates for fall in muted shades of dove gray, cream and taupe. The second group was a lot more colorful, with pieces in reds and yellows mixed in that really popped as they came down the runway. And the third was just plain fun -- purples, pinks and greens literally danced on the models' backs when paired with hats and earmuffs in coordinating shades, while super-fun music blasted from the speakers and snow at the beginning of the runway.

All of these looks were very well-complemented by the hair and makeup that accompanied them.

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Hair was kept on the simple side, with two main looks appearing. My favorite was the look for the shorter-haired girls -- delicate waves bounced on their shoulders and weren't too "done" -- a simple center part and a bit of styling cream and these girls were ready to go. The other look made me long for, well, longer hair! Slicked-back hair with a center part became a gorgeous, longer-than-long braid that fell to well below the models' shoulder blades and looked fantastic under a hat.

Lacoste, Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, runway, beauty, makeup, hair, runway show
Makeup was ethereal, light and romantic in feel. Lips were painted the most delicate of pinks and nudes, which looked fantastic whether paired with the neutral or bright tones of the clothing. Eyes were rimmed in light brown and brushed with soft pink shadow that really made them pop. Skin was dewy and fresh, with just the subtlest hint of glow. The overall effect was definitely that of a snowbunny skiing the trails in Aspen -- and who doesn't want to look like that throughout the colder months?

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  1. OMG! You sound like you're totally having so much fun! Love Lacoste! And good for you for snatching a seat!