Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Latest Celeb Sighting at the Tents!

I just love seeing celebrities at the Tents during Fashion Week. Admittedly, my ideas of celebs are probably different than most people's -- I get the most worked up over Fern Mallis and editors from Vogue -- but once in awhile, there's a TV personality who just lives up to the hype. Such was the case with Robert Verdi, who I spotted while standing in line for the Terexov show the other day! He was kind enough to pose for a picture and even spent a couple minutes chatting with my friends and me as we stood in line. In the background is model Roshumba Williams, who's interviewing various personalities and celebs for the American Express Fashion Network this week. I just love Fashion Week!

*Photo is the sole property of The Beauty of Life.

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