Thursday, February 14, 2008

Trend-Filled Thursdays: Exaggerated Color

The Fall 2008 collections saw a bevy of fantastic hair and makeup trends that really got this beauty chick excited for things to come. One of the most fascinating was definitely the exaggerated color sweeping up over the models' lids and out toward the cheekbones and browbones, in many cases creating such a dramatically gorgeous look that I just had to pick this trend for today's Trend-Filled Thursdays column. From the wearable to the costumey, there's something for everyone.

Image Hosted by Makeup artist Gucci Westman washed models' eyes and upper cheekbones in the prettiest pale lavender, creating a look of ethereal beauty.
ExampleTo get this look, try Shiseido's The Makeup Hydro-Powder Eye Shadow in Violet Visions ($23) -- an ingenious cream-to-powder formula that will leave a subtly dewy finish.

Image Hosted by Mischka): Rose shadow swept out toward the hairline and was accented by the tiniest dab of hunter green shadow in the inner corners. The end effect was that of an impish sprite.
ExampleTo get this look, use Last Call and Mildew from Urban Decay's Ammo Shadow Box Palette ($34).

Image Hosted by Sarafpour): "Vibrant" doesn't really even seem to cover it, does it? While deep violet shadow heavily rimming the eyes is a bit intense for most situations, unless you're headed to a costume party, you can definitely simplify it for a night out on the town.
ExampleTo get this look, M.A.C's Pigment in Violet ($19.50) adds just the right amount of drama.

Image Hosted by Schouler): Electric blue is, well, electric! The color really pops when it's applied heavily and thickly around the eyes to create a beautiful almond shape.
ExampleTo get a more toned-down version of this look, try Too Faced's Foiled Liner in Turquoise Tinsel ($16.50).

Image Hosted by de la Renta): This is definitely the most wearable of the bunch. Gold liner accents deep brown shadow that sweeps out past the outer corners for a really glamorous finish.
ExampleTo get this look, the six shades in Pop Beauty's Lid Bronzer palette ($22) will give you exactly what you're looking for.


  1. I love the MAC pigment in violet. It's a bit pricey so I opt for NYX since they have some great lookalikes. I'm a big eye shadow fan. :)

  2. That's great to know! I will definitely have to check out NYX's version.