Saturday, March 29, 2008

Fake That Gorgeous Glow

I'm one of those people who's been cursed with pale skin that either burns or, well, stays pale. I guess that's good in terms of staying away from tanning and getting skin cancer ... but it means that even in the heat of summer I am as pale as a ghost! But thanks to Sundara Airbrush Tanning, I can now look like I just got back from a week in the Caribbean without ever leaving the island of Manhattan!

My favorite feature of Sundara is definitely the fact that instead of going into a booth, you have an actual person standing in front of you with a tanning gun -- so you really get customized, perfect color from head to toe. No mishaps like Ross had on Friends! (And yes, a lot of people asked me if I would come out as an "8.")

From the moment I walked in the door of the adorable venue, Natalie took excellent care of me. After filling out a form specifying the color I wanted (light) and answering some questions (Did you shave today? Exfoliate? Wear deodorant or perfume?), Natalie led me back to the changing area and instructed me to rub some of the Sundara Coconut Body Butter into my knees, elbows and heels. She also wanted me to feel comfortable, so she said underwear or a bikini was optional -- which I definitely appreciated!

Once I was ready to be sprayed, Natalie turned on the gun and went to work. I found myself performing almost ballet-like moves as she turned the spray toward me. (Luckily I had some dance training in the past!) I was impressed by her deftness, quickness and ability to reach even the toughest areas just by asking me to turn my leg or arm this way and that, ensuring a really even tan. Within 10 minutes, Natalie was finished spraying me, and then it was just time for me to stand under the fans for 10 more minutes to ensure that I was dry before dressing!

Quick, painless and absolutely the easiest sunless tanning experience I've had to date. As for the color, while I was on the light side (I didn't want to look too tan, as I thought it would look fake on my pale complexion), it looked seriously amazing. It did streak a bit as it faded, but not too noticeably -- so all in all, I'd say this was one self-tanning experience that's definitely worth it! Rates are as follows:

$75 for full body
$45 for half body
$25 for face

For more information about the treatment and available packages or specials, visit Sundara's website. Now when my friends see me, they'll think I got back from a beach vacation! I guess this is just my trusty little secret.

ExampleNot sure whether airbrush tanning is right for you? Ease into the whole sunless tanning game with Jergens Natural Glow Express. The bottle guarantees natural summer color in just three days. After only one usage, I saw a substantial increase in color! It's available in either Medium or Medium/Tan and retails for $7.99 on


  1. Hey girl! I have gotten this kind of airbrush tan done before too and I really liked the results. I went to a place called "Healthy Glow" near me... it was a bit cheaper but they may have raised their prices since then. Definitely great for an event or if you have the money as a luxury :)

  2. I'm seriously looking into doing this soon! I look so much thinner when I'm tan but don't have the time to sit out and do it naturally!

  3. shop -- I agree! Not worth it for every day, but definitely great for a special event!

    Delphine -- Don't do it naturally, it's bad for you! :) Just do the airbrush, it's awesome and it will look great on you!