Monday, March 31, 2008

Must-Have Mondays: Frederic Fekkai Advanced Brilliant Glossing Travel Faves Kit

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Were you born with shiny, silky tresses? Then I am seriously jealous of you ... because unfortunately, I was not blessed with the genetic lottery when it comes to my hair! It takes a lot of work to make it sleek, shiny and Pantene-worthy. But thanks to the Frederic Fekkai Advanced Brilliant Glossing Travel Faves Kit, it's definitely a lot easier ... and now there's a fantastic Travel Faves set with all the products guaranteed to make my locks shine with the best of them.

Four portable versions of the Glossing line, plus a wide-toothed travel comb, are presented oh-so-elegantly in a patent leather wristlet that can double as a clutch for the night out on the town! 2 oz. sizes of Glossing Shampoo and Glossing Conditioner, a 1.5 oz. Sheer Hold Hair Spray and 1.6 oz. Glossing Cream will definitely keep your locks in line. The Glossing Cream is even formulated with olive oil to really add tons of gloss and shine to your strands.

These products are among my favorites in any size -- but I absolutely love that I can travel in style and know that my hair will look amazing! Lustrous, silken tresses? That's definitely a must have.

The Frederic Fekkai Advanced Brilliant Glossing Travel Faves Kit retails for $43 at


  1. I love that this comes with hairspray.

    My huge bottles always get confiscated at the airport. I think I have to run out and get this set before my Chicago trip this weekend! :)

  2. Ooh, love Fekkai! Have you tried the Apple Cider Shampoo/ Conditioner?

  3. nilla cookie -- Definitely let me know if you get it! I just bought the mini bottles of shampoo and conditioner today before my trip this weekend. I'm jealous you're going to Chicago!

    thedailyobsession -- I have tried the Apple Cider collection and love it. It really does make hair clean!