Monday, March 24, 2008

Must-Have Mondays: The Warm Milk and Honey Massage at Glow Skin Spa

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All right, this beauty chick is doing things a bit differently for this week's edition of Must-Have Mondays! While this column is usually product-focused, I simply have to tell you about one of the best massage experiences ever ... making it the perfect candidate for Must-Have Mondays!

Last week I treated myself to a massage at Glow Skin Spa. I had been quite curious about this spa for awhile -- it has tons of fantastic reviews on Citysearch and the spa's website is just so sleek and amazing-looking. Plus, their treatments all sound fantastic! So after much deliberation, I decided on the Warm Milk and Honey Massage, which involves hot compresses soaked with almond milk and organic honey that are applied to the back and shoulders throughout the massage. I also decided to go for broke with the 90-minute version. (Seriously, I went a little broke -- it's $210!)

As I walked into the spa, I was greeted kindly by the receptionist and shown to the small but adorable waiting room. Shortly thereafter, I was picked up by Gillian, my massage therapist for the day, and led to a dim, soothing treatment room. Gillian began by asking whether I had any areas I specifically wanted her to work on (I did -- my lower back has been killing me), and made sure I didn't have any product allergies. After I laid down on the table, Gillian placed some of those delicious-smelling soaked compresses on my shoulders and went to work kneading the pain and tension out of my lower back.

She left no stone unturned, really going to town on my knots and making sure they were all, well, unknotted. The pressure was perfect -- not too light, not too heavy. As she moved to my upper back, she placed more hot compresses on my lower back and legs, and then worked her magic on my tenser-than-tense shoulders. (Sitting in an office chair for 8-10 hours a day really builds up the tension!) I literally drifted off to sleep on the table during the massage, as Gillian's strokes were utterly soothing and coma-inducing. As I woke up (I'm not sure how long I was out!), Gillian was finishing the massage.

I can honestly say this massage is a must-have. I haven't felt so relaxed or at ease in weeks! Even over a week later, I'm still so much less tense and my back is barely hurting. If you balk at the idea of spending $210 for the full 90 minutes, don't worry! There are 30-minute and 60-minute versions as well ($75 and $140, respectively). Trust me -- your body will thank you!

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