Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Wallet-Friendly Wednesdays: Sephora Airplane-Approved Beauty

I've written before about the wonderfulness of Sephora's Airplane-Approved Beauty Products. Traveling is hard enough as it is -- why make it even more difficult by trying to fit tons of products into a Ziploc bag? But with the bevy of options Sephora has come up with, you can definitely still travel beautifully. And for this week's edition of Wallet-Friendly Wednesdays, here are a ton of products -- all under $10! -- that will get you from the airport to your final destination in style.

ExampleStila Mini Lip Glaze ($8 each): This beauty chick's all-time favorite lipgloss in a totally adorable miniature size! Choose from Brown Sugar (golden nude), Mandarin Mist (shimmery peach) or Vanilla (pearly nude).

Example Bourjois Mini Volume Glamour Ultra Black Mascara ($8): I'm a huge fan of Bourjois mascaras. And since this one clips onto your bag, it's just perfect!

ExampleSephora Round-A-Pout in Beach Ball ($9): I've been in love with this little ball of fun for years. Four glosses in pretty pinks abound, making it perfect for, well, the beach!

ExampleRosebud Salve ($6): Every woman's standby lip balm is remarkably calming, remarkably soothing and cheap!

ExampleBliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash To Go ($9): Prevent breakouts and exfoliate with infusions of rose hips, chamomile and passion flower.

ExampleCaudalie Instant Foaming Cleanser To Go ($10): I love products that transform from one thing to another. And this cleanser changes from a liquid to a mousse!

ExampleDemeter Fragrance Library Sex On The Beach Travel Spray ($10): Love drinking Sex On The Beach? Then why not spritz a bit of the scent on yourself before heading out for an evening of drinks and dancing?

ExamplePeter Thomas Roth Ultra-Lite Oil-Free Sunscreen SPF 15 To Go ($8): While I usually scour the drugstore shelves for the cheapest sunscreen, I'd definitely be willing to spring the couple extra bucks for this one!

ExampleBliss High Intensity Hand Cream To Go ($8): I always have a tube of this in my purse when I'm traveling. It seriously quenches the dryness out of airplane-starved skin!

ExampleFrederic Fekkai Glossing Cream ($9): Straight, shiny locks? You'll get them quickly and efficiently with just a dime-sized amount of this miracle-worker.

ExampleJonathan Product Conditioning Leave-In Gloss Creme To Go ($8): Want to spend your extra time sightseeing instead of in the shower? Just rub a bit of this in your hair and it will be soft, smooth and frizz-free!

ExampleGoSMILE Touch Up Mini On-The-Go Smile Refresher ($8 each): Choose from Peach-licious, Pear-licious or Mint-licious and keep your pearly whites ... pearly and white!


  1. I love this posting. I often thought that Sephora carried relatively expensive products, but it's great to know that they offer high quality products at an affordable price! Thanks for always sharing these great beauty secrets!

  2. I was definitely excited to find things on the cheap side there! It's good to know they're branching out a bit. Glad you liked the post!

  3. These are great prices and great products too. I love the Stila lip glosses!