Wednesday, March 5, 2008

It's a Wash: Jaqua Hand Soap

Jaqua, Jaqua hand soap, hand wash, soap, Pink Buttercream Frosting, Pink Champagne

My love affair with Jaqua has just gotten incredibly more intense. Already totally in love with the brand's Shower Syrups, Body Scrubs, Shower Cremes and Body Butters -- I always have at least three of the aforementioned products scattered around my shower and vanity -- I was beginning to wonder when they would next introduce a product. And now my prayers have been answered. Say hello to Jaqua's brand-new Hand Soap!

As if smelling amazing in the shower weren't enough, now my hands can smell equally incredible and delicious all day long thanks to soap in Pink Buttercream Frosting and Pink Champagne. Each 8.5 fl. oz. bottle contains a shimmering pink soap (buttercream is a bit darker in color than pink champagne) that seriously cleanses and moisturizes. I currently have Pink Buttercream Frosting in my kitchen and Pink Champagne in my bathroom, and I'm considering making my roommate switch out the hand soap in his bathroom for another bottle of Pink Buttercream Frosting! They each smell absolutely amazingly delectable, but neither scent is cloying or clingy, which I love.

Both are available on Jaqua's website -- Pink Champagne is available here, and Pink Buttercream Frosting is available here. At $14 each, I admit they are a bit pricey. But after using them both religiously for the last two weeks, I've barely made a dent -- and that's after cleansing my hands a lot so I could really test them out! Trust me -- after the first pump, you'll be kicking that Softsoap to the curb.


  1. GASP!

    I WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Thanks Jamie! OOH! What places do you recommend to eat in NY? I will be staying at the New York Hilton anything close by?

  3. Muse -- they really are amazing! You'll love them.

    Vanessa -- I'm going to email you with some recommendations!