Thursday, April 17, 2008

Great Mother's Day Gifts: Lisa Hoffman Packettes

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Lisa Hoffman Packettes. Each package comes with a bevy of skincare, bath and body products -- all in miniature ampoules of product like Body Wash, Lip Serum and Cleanser -- to make your mom feel like she just got a day at the spa! Best of all, the packettes each cost around $20, so you can buy one of each for Mom and present them all to her in a pretty wrapped package! Here's the skinny on what's included in each packette.

24 Hour Single Packette ($20)
Each resealable pouch comes with 10 mini doses of formulas for cleansing, moisturizing and toning. The interesting fact about this set is that it contains 5 ampoules for daytime and 5 for nighttime -- so your mom's skin will be radiant all day long! Included in this pouch are Day and Night ampoules for Cleanser, Toner, Cream, Eye Cream and Lip Serum.

Spa Bath Packette ($25)
One of these packettes will definitely make your mom feel like she's living in the lap of luxury. One ampoule each of Bath Soak, Body Wash, Body Polisher, Body Cream and Hand & Foot Butter are presented in a resealable package that just oozes the feel of comfort and relaxation.

Spa Shower Packette ($25)
Have your mom spice up her normal lather-rinse-repeat routine with this packette, which contains sweet-smelling ampoules of Cleansing Gel, Body Scrub, Body Lotion, Body Oil and Hand & Foot Cream.

Each of the packettes is available on Lisa Hoffman's website. Isn't this so much better than a day at the spa?


  1. Incredible idea! I think we OUGHT to take care of our moms and make them such great presents.

  2. Moms deserve it! This is great stuff. I just tried the #3 day lotion, which is loaded with quality ingredients like almond, grape seed and jojoba oils and the antioxidant vitamins A and E. It feels like satin on my skin. It's my first use, but it smoothed my skin so nicely I put on concealer and skipped the makeup.

  3. Wonderful Mother's Day suggestion! I had your blog up on Google Reader, and when I scrolled down pretty fast I thought this title said "Pancakes" instead of "Packettes"! LOL!

  4. angel -- I totally agree! Moms deserve only the best.

    chris -- I am so glad to hear that! I love Lisa Hoffman products and it's so awesome that you didn't even need makeup after using the lotion!

    nicole -- Ha! Nope, though maybe pancakes would go well with these packettes! :)