Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Great Mother's Day Gifts: Space NK Laughter Body Care Essentials Set

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Mirth. Amusement. Hilarity. Joviality. Glee. All can be simply translated to "laughter." Having shared countless smiles and moments of joy with my lovely mom, I could think of no better way to show her how much I care than with the Space NK Laughter Body Care Essentials Set.

The duo of Body Wash and Body Balm is oh-so-elegantly boxed in a beautiful yellow box emblazoned with origami-esque designs, which makes such a gorgeous statement upon any vanity. Each 6.7 fl. oz. bottle is filled with a delicious blend of lime, rosemary and juniper and accented by the spicy sweetness of ginger to create such an intriguingly delectable scent.

Any mom would instantly fall in love with the Body Balm, which sinks right into the skin to leave it soft, supple and not the least bit greasy. And with black pumps, each bottle is remarkably easy to use all over the house -- your mom can even have the Body Wash double as a hand soap in the kitchen!

Note: This product is no longer available.

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