Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Great Philosophy Behind Philosophy

I was recently invited to an event sponsored by Philosophy -- one of this beauty chick's all-time favorite brands -- to learn about everything the brand has to offer and play with some of the greats. The brains behind this brand is a spunky spitfire of a woman named Cristina Carlino, who started the medical skincare brand BioMedic and quickly discovered the greatness in inventing Philosophy.

I learned all sorts of fascinating things at the event, like the fact that the 3-in-1's -- these shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath innovations are my favorite part of the line -- only make up about 8 percent of the total revenue earned by the brand! And I also discovered that the cutesy pictures found on much of Philosophy's packaging are actually baby pictures of Philosophy employees. But my favorite discovery was that every poem written on a Philosophy product is written by Cristina herself -- and that the packaging started because she wrote a poem, printed it out, slapped it on a bottle and was told the packaging was ingenious. (I agree.) Of course, a Philosophy event wouldn't be complete without some products! Here are the ones you should definitely keep your eyes on.

ExampleJust Because... ($30): This sweet-smelling trio of 3-in-1's is meant to be that special gift you give someone for no special reason at all. Each bottle contains the deliciously delectable aroma of chocolate in its three forms -- Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate and Milk Chocolate. Better still, the bottles are each emblazoned with the best kinds of each chocolate, such as dark caramel, vanilla bean truffle and milk chocolate peanut butter cup. Mmmmm.

ExampleThe Oxygen Peel ($50): Yes, the price might sound scary. But this handy-dandy set is seriously AH-MAY-ZING. I tested it on my hand at the event and was so amazed at the results, I ran right home to use it all over my face! The basic principle is this: each set comes with a bottle of 10 enzyme capsules and one tub of oxygen cream, plus an adorable little scraper. Simply toss one enzyme capsule into the enclosed cup, shake it up, spread the gel that forms over your face (avoiding your eyebrows and hairline if you don't want them to be bleached!), cover the gel with the cream, wait 1-3 minutes and scrape it off. You will absolutely love the results. Even on my hand, which was relatively soft and smooth to begin with, I saw a dramatic difference in texture. After one usage on my face, my skin is already smoother, more even and less prone to breakouts. Seriously, your skin will look amazing. Trust me.

ExampleJoyful Heart ($20): This huge 16 oz. bottle was created for the Joyful Heart Foundation, founded by Mariska Hargitay to help in the healing and recovery for survivors of sexual assault. The gorgeous turquoise bottle contains a beautiful peony scent that's somehow refreshing and calming at the same time. But my favorite part about this shower gel is that 100 percent of proceeds go toward the Joyful Heart Foundation, which in my book makes it the best product in Philosophy's arsenal.

For more information on Philosophy and to view the rest of the amazing line, visit Philosophy's website.


  1. These look great, def got to check out that triple b, big blue bottle.

    Take care lady!

  2. Thanks futuristics!

    Delphine -- the scent is amazing! And the bottle is huge, so it will last for months!