Monday, April 28, 2008

Must-Have Mondays: Keratin Shot at Hiro Haraguchi

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No matter how much time we spend on our hair, after awhile it just needs a little TLC. After months of blowdrying, flat ironing and otherwise ruining a perfectly good head of hair, this beauty chick was in serious need of a shot to the head. And that's where the Keratin Shot at Hiro Haraguchi came in handy.

I was pleasantly surprised and contented from the moment I set foot in the salon -- my stylist, Ronnie, was so sweet and took excellent care of me from start to finish. This multi-step process was not only time-intensive but quite labor-intensive for Ronnie as well ... but he handled it all beautifully.

This 45-minute treatment involves stripping your hair of its natural keratin (the protein deep in your locks that gives them their luster and brilliance) and replenishing it full-force, combating the damage from coloring, perming, drying and straightening. To do this, Ronnie began by washing my hair, but did not put any conditioner in it so the proteins would not be stripped. (An added bonus? He told me that my hair was surprisingly easy to comb through without conditioner -- a fact I had honestly never believed to be true!) After painstakingly coating my tresses strand by strand with the keratin, I was left to sit under a massively sized heat lamp for about 10 minutes to really have the product soak in, and was then led back to the sinks for another washing -- this time using conditioner as well.

Then came the best part -- the blowout. I have never had a blowout like this before. Ronnie worked harder than I would have thought possible to leave my locks glowing without the added usage of any product or a flat iron! When he finally lifted his hands from my mane, it was completely transformed. I even left the salon with four miniature vials of keratin to use at home -- once per week to keep my locks shining for up to a month. (And yes, this did happen!)

Now, this treatment doesn't come cheap -- it starts at $150. But isn't that worth it if it means your hair will be glistening, shining and smooth-as-silk for weeks on end?

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