Monday, May 12, 2008

Shameless Plug: Featured on Again!

Sleeping in on Sunday? Fun. Playing with makeup every day? Exciting. Finding out a story of mine is featured on Priceless. That's right, another of my features for StyleBakery Teen is on the homepage today! Head to to check out my Solid Perfumes story (link #5 on the homepage). You'll "solidly" enjoy it!


  1. Hi there. Thanks for the comment and congrats on your feature being, well, featured on Very exciting! I shall add you to my beauty blog roll. Want to put Cult Beauty on yours? Looking forward to reading more! xx

  2. jess g. -- Thanks so much! I will definitely add Cult Beauty to my link list! :)

  3. a little late but congrats again! I love your writing style and your article on scents to go was awesome! I forgot Pink Sugar and Marc Jacobs came in a portable one. I'm so loving the YSL and Lamb one too!