Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wallet-Friendly Wednesdays: Kiss Nails

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Anyone who was alive in the '80s remembers the horridness of Lee Press-On Nails. Who could forget the commercials with the big-haired women so excited about sticking scarily awful red talons on their tips? Those nails have pretty much scared this beauty chick away from ever, ever trying fake nails. I never did acrylics -- even when it was all the rage in my high school -- I never applied press-on nails, I just always went au naturel.

But then I went to an event for Kiss Nails last week, and my entire outlook changed. These are not the press-ons you remember from the past, fellow beauty chicks. Instead, they're shaped to look exactly like your real nails -- and they apply easily and painlessly with the tiniest hint of nail glue. Even better, they claim to last for 6-9 days, and they come off super-quickly and effortlessly with just a tad of acetone-based remover.

I bravely decided to try out the nails -- forgoing my entire life's mission to leave the falsies on the shelf -- and boy, was I surprised! I only put them on a few of my nails to test out the difference between real and fake ... and you seriously would not be able to tell which was which! (I asked everyone around me during the past week and not one person was able to point out the real from the faux.) Best of all, they've lasted for 7 days, and they show no sign of coming off anytime soon! I am a total convert. While I still prefer my natural nails, I would totally wear these to an event or party for something different and fun.

The Kiss website can be a little overwhelming -- there are tons of choices in store for you! I prefer the Custom Fit French Nail Kit, which is a measly $5.99 at Walgreens! You get 36 nails, nail glue and even a manicure stick.

So what are you waiting for? Kiss Nails await your unsuspecting tips!


  1. Ooh, these have sounded really nice lately :) I'm strictly au naturel too, but I bet these aren't nearly as harsh on your real nails as acrylics and such, right? Might be good for special occasions :)

  2. The last time I tried DIY nails, the darn things fell off at a party -- in front of an old boyfriend. These sound a bit more stable.

  3. Seems like these are really gonna stick on for long. Looks really interesting with the info provided.

  4. jennbee -- I think you will like these! They're definitely a lot better than those horrible old press-on nails!

    girl-woman -- That sounds so tragic!! I would understand if you never wanted to wear fakes again.

    hair extensions -- Thanks! You'll have to report back if you try them.