Monday, July 28, 2008

Coffee Run: Organix Awakening Mocha Espresso Shampoo and Conditioner

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I've been trying seriously hard to give up caffeine. (So far it's not going too well.) But I think I may be able to start getting my coffee fix just by washing my hair ... because Organix Awakening Mocha Espresso Shampoo and Conditioner are jam-packed with cocoa bean oils and espresso bean extracts. One simple whiff of the aroma within each bottle and I am totally jonesing for my morning coffee ... but no longer do I want to drink it. Instead, I want to slather it all over my tresses!

It sounds crazy, I know. But these two products have been working major miracles on my strands ever since they came into my life. The benefits from this pair are two-fold ... because not only do they make my hair look unbelievable, they're good for the environment as well! Thanks to sheer silk proteins, my locks have never appeared more luminous or bright -- and that's even without taking a hair dryer or flat iron to them. They're even free of sulfates, so they won't strip color. In addition, the bottles are crafted from recycled post-consumer resin and printed with environmental inks and compostable label film.

Unfortunately, this product is no longer available.


  1. I absolutely LOVE Organix. All of the "flavors" are awsome! The Mocha Espresso makes me think of Starbucks in the shower. It makes my hair look great and smells incredible!

  2. I am planning to buy Organix....I will surely try mocha espresso(as a kid....I am already an ADDICT to caffeine)thnx for the good review