Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wallet-Friendly Wednesdays: Bath and Body Works Gentle Foaming Hand Soap

When I was in college, I spent a summer working at Bath and Body Works. Totally a dream come true for a beauty junkie, let me tell you! I didn't even mind coming in four hours early to switch out the merchandise every two weeks -- and no one liked moving around those huge straw bins filled with shower gels and lotions. But one of my all-time favorite days was the day the brand introduced Gentle Foaming Hand Soap. Up until then, my favorite products from the line had been the Lavender Vanilla Body Wash from the Aromatherapy line and Sparkling Peach Shower Gel ... but this all changed when this fabulous soap came into my life.

The entire Anti-Bacterial line was a completely new concept for BBW at that time -- and to this day, it remains my favorite. I love the miniature beads that burst on contact with the skin, I love the feeling of getting my skin seriously clean, and of course I absolutely love all the scents offered!

The Gentle Foaming Hand Soap deserves its own mention because, rather than the Deep Cleansing version, it pumps out a serious mass of foaming bubbles that are just absolutely delightful. Each bottle is formulated with nourishing Vitamin B5 and soothing aloe vera, which means they're not harmful to the skin and leave it feeling totally clean and refreshed.

And the scents, oh, the scents! With 20 different ones on the horizon, a veritable plethora abounds. Choose from the following:

Black Raspberry Vanilla
Cherry Blossom
Coconut Lime Verbena
Cucumber Melon
Enchanted Orchid
Fresh Pineapple
Freshwater Cucumber
Japanese Cherry Blossom
Midnight Pomegranate
Moonlight Path
Pink Grapefruit
Sea Island Cotton
Sensual Amber
Sparkling Peach
Sweet Pea
Tropical Passionfruit
Warm Vanilla Sugar
Wild Honeysuckle
Rainkissed Leaves
Dancing Waters

My faves are definitely Sparkling Peach (a sweet yet not cloying concoction that's fabulous year-round), (a rich fragrance that's perfect for the cooler months) and Warm Vanilla Sugar and Wild Honeysuckle (a heady floral that just smells amazing in the summer).

Best of all, each bottle is only five dollars on the Bath and Body Works website! And at a whopping 8.75 ounces, trust this beauty chick when she tells you it will last for a loooong time. But just in case you feel the need to stock up, at least it won't set you back too much! There's even a deal going on right now where anti-bacterial soaps are 3 for $10 -- so either way, your pocketbook will remain weighed down with cash. Any way you look at it, you need to get a little foam in your life.

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  1. I LOVE the foaming hand wash! My favorite is Moonlight Path - hmm, this post makes me want to wash my hands again right now! ;)

    Happy Wednesday to my favorite Beauty Chick!

  2. I love Moonlight Path, too! I was working at BBW when they launched that scent and I just couldn't get enough of it. :) Happy Wednesday to you too, Dimples!

  3. I find that I was my hands more often if i use this awesome product.

  4. marisol -- I totally agree! It just makes hand-washing so much more fun.