Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Totally Blown Away by Blow Styling Salon

I have to admit, I am pretty good with the at-home blowout. I dry my hair in sections with clips and everything! But once in awhile I like to pamper my hair and really treat it right ... so I decided to head to Blow Styling Salon, New York's answer to the perfect blowout, for the royal treatment.

From the second I stepped in, I was greeted enthusiastically and treated warmly. Everyone who works there is truly friendly and makes you feel right at home. As I waited for Yana, my hair expert of choice, I surveyed the room and saw three absolutely perfect blowouts sitting in front of me ... which I must say instilled quite a bit of confidence in me!

Once seated in front of Yana, we discussed what to do with my hair. I mentioned that I usually blow it out stick straight, so she asked if I'd like a fuller, bouncier version. I responded with an excited "Yes!" and she got right to work, washing and conditioning my hair first in the basin behind her station and even giving me a little head massage. As I watched her blowdry my hair -- in sections, using clips! -- I was truly impressed with her technique. First she would pull my locks out straight with a round brush, then began twisting and curling them around the brush and blowing the hot air ever so lightly across them. This made them have just a hint of curl and a whole lot of sexy bounciness. A few mists of shine spray and a part to the side and my hair was utterly unbelievable. Don't believe me? Here's a picture for proof!

Jamie Sanders, blowout, hair, hair blowout, blow out, Blow Styling Salon

I was totally happy and satisfied with the results ... especially when they lasted for two days! If you're interested in making an appointment at Blow, check out their website for contact info and full details on the menu of services. Blowouts range from $40-$60 depending on hair length and texture (mine was $50). I'm betting you'll be blown away, too.


  1. So pretty! Your hair looks so healthy and shiny - totally not one of those bad g"I-just-left-a-salon-look" at all :)