Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lusts of the Week

I am super excited today ... because this weekend I'm taking in a showing of Avenue Q on Broadway. But in the meantime, I simply must tell you about my lusts!

Tassi, Hot Pink Tassi, shwoer cap, headwrap, head wrap, headband, hair wrap
Hot Pink Tassi ($14.99 at This is quite possibly my new favorite invention. The stretchy pink headwrap secures my hair perfectly when I'm washing my face, sleeping, showering ... you name it, my locks are well-protected and kept out of harm's way! Plus, when I shake my hair out, it looks exactly as it did before I pulled it up and secured it with the Tassi. And what's better than that?

M.A.C, MAC Cosmetics, MAC Eyeshadow Suites, eyeshadow, eye shadow, makeup, eye makeup, makeup palette
M.A.C Eye Shadow Suites: Yes, I admit it ... I am a sucker for perfect packaging. And this product's got all that and more. Each of the eight duos in this assortment from the Suite Array Collection are absolutely perfect not only because of the adorably compact packaging, but because the colors are all unbelievably gorgeous. I'm torn between two faves -- Smoke & Ash, a combo of silver and grey, and Blue Zone, with pretty purple and blue. The sparkle is fantastically blinding in both, and the color payoff is just right.
Note: This product is no longer available.

Sally Hershberger, Sally Hershberger Star Shine, hair, hair products, shine spray, hairspray
Sally Hershberger Star Shine ($12.99 at Looking for shining, shimmering locks? Then this is definitely the product for you. My tresses are anything but glossy when left to their own devices ... but a few spritzes of this magical potion and they're glistening, glimmering and altogether gleaming!

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  1. the Brow Box packaging really works well for the Eye Shadow Suites.

    i gotta stop by my H. Bendel's to check them out...

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