Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Holiday Gifts: Bumble and bumble Bb. Bandball

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As a kid, there was nothing I found more fascinating than rubber band balls. (Well, maybe the Rubix Cube came a close second. How DO you solve that thing?) But I digress. I was completely and utterly fascinated by the fact that a bunch of seemingly uninteresting rubber bands could come together to form a ball of such substance. So when I came across the Bb. Bandball from Bumble and bumble, I knew it would be just perfect for Holiday Gifts.

Why is this, might you ask? Well, aside from the obvious reason that it's incredibly cool -- the multicolored bands form an enticing ball that looks so fun sitting atop your desk at the office -- it's amazingly functional. I, for one, am always losing my rubber bands, and am forever buying new packs of them at the closest Duane Reade. Why not have a huge ball of them that you can just pull from each time you need a new one?

The ball comes with a whopping ONE HUNDRED rubber bands, so it's pretty impossible to run out. And in hot colors like fuchsia, turquoise and citrusy yellow, your locks will be quite fancy even if all you're doing is sitting in a cubicle all day!

And an interesting fun fact: this extremely functional, limited-edition ball was designed exclusively for Bumble and bumble by artist Piet Hautenbos.

At $20 on bumbleandbumble.com, this is quite a fabulous gift for any gal on your list. And hey, at least it's good for some conversation around the water cooler.

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  1. I think this is SUCH a cute and clever little goodie!