Friday, January 16, 2009

Hey, Bright Eyes! Check Out the Bobbi Brown Brights Eye Palette!

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I heart makeup palettes. I really and truly do. There’s something so fun and exciting about opening one up and having choices. Red or purple? Green or blue? Pink or grey? And the list goes on and on. So when the new Bobbi Brown Brights Eye Palette came my way, I quite literally jumped for joy. (Seriously, I jumped up and down like a little schoolgirl.)

This limited-edition palette is inspired by Bobbi Brown’s experiences at Fashion Week. The palette folds out to reveal 35 gorgeous shades, designed in a venerable eye-popping array of lighter shades on the top and darker shades on the bottom. Each is, admittedly, quite small (one of my friends asked if it’s possible to get more than three uses out of any one color, which I will say is doubtful). But they just look so pretty all lined up together that I think it’s worth it! And with names like Electric Pink (shocking bright pink), Blue Iris (light lavender) and Sea Foam (pale sea green), it’s easy to see how many hours of fun lay in playing with this palette! (See the full diagram of shades below.)

Each color is incredibly matte -- no shine or shimmer here! And better yet, they’re all new and exclusive to this palette. (Though I’m hoping some of them will be introduced into the regular color rotation eventually.) And you’ve gotta love the huge attached mirror -- gone are the days of squinting into a tiny compact and hoping you’ve applied enough eyeshadow to each eye!

Unfortunately, this product is no longer available.

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